New Training School Started

Finally, a return to normalcy! 

As states and cities around the nation begin to ease the lockdown restrictions, businesses and ministries are gradually opening up. 

What does that mean for us? Well, we are very pleased and excited to report that our 2020 School of Missions and Evangelism has begun! 

We have a total of 16 students who are here, with 5 staff, including Beth and I. We’ve got nine girls and seven guys who are all fired up and ready to give the next 6 months of their lives to grab ahold of whatever the Lord has for them. 

There were other students who were accepted, but could not make it because of international travel restrictions and such.  We have plans to keep them enrolled for the next SOME.

The school kicked off last Wednesday with an orientation and welcoming party. We had a barbecue and a swim at Bass Lake, which is about 10 minutes up the road from the base in Oakhurst.  

This update will give you details on the makeup of the school. 

At the bottom, I’m attaching photos of each staff and student. That way, you can pray for them individually! 

Here’s a look at our speaker/topic schedule:

Date Topic Speaker
1 June 10-12 Orientation School Staff
2 June 15-19 Evangelism & the Muslim World Jachin Pendelton
3 June 22-26 Evangelism and Missions Marty Meyer
4 June29-July3 Leadership Principles Peter Warren
5 July 6-10 Dynamics of Leadership in Missions Sean Lambert
6 July13-17 Biblical Foundation for Missions Cary Solima
7 July 20-24 Pastor’s Perspective REV Zach
8 July 27-31 Fundraising & Networking Billy K

Maddy Mudd

9 August 3-7 Pioneering Principles Lis Cochrane
10 August 10-14 Community Development & Transformation Susie Cervantes
11 August 17-21 Evangelism & Contextualization Billy K
12 August 24-28 Teamwork makes the Dream Work Rachel Sorheim

Although the titles are pretty generic, each of these weeks is packed with 15 hours of lecture times, in which speakers take the time to impart wisdom and knowledge gained from a lifetime of ministry experience.  All of our speakers are people who have been serving the Lord for decades, so we are giving the students the best content we can. 

In addition to 3 hours daily lectures, students will be engaging in all sorts of weekly ministries and tons of personal evangelism. 

By the end of their lecture phase, they will be chomping at the bit to go on outreach. 

At this point we have not decided on outreach locations, other than that we know for sure we want to send a team to Japan, providing it is open to international travel. 

We will be sure to keep you up to date on what the Lord speaks to us regarding where our teams will be going. 

On the home front, things are going well. The family has really been settling into the Oakhurst area. The boys have made friends with other kids from the base. They spend all their time either playing in person or in online gaming rooms. 

Angel is a student in the SOME. She is living in the dorms with the other girls. 

She’s been including Ashley in many of the events with the girls from base. 

Ashley, Billy Joel, and Zack are all willing and eager to go to school here in September, but we have no idea just yet if schools will even be in session. So we are waiting to see what will happen or what sorts of crazy Covid-related rules are in place. 

Tyler is still growing and cruising around more and more on his own. 

Elijah is plugging away at Camp Pendelton. Hard to believe he’s already been enlisted for a year and a half! 

We brought him our car last week. He’s been using Angel’s car for the last six months, but now that she’s back, naturally she wanted her own car. So we gave him our Ford Fusion. 

Something to pray for is for our remaining car to sell. 

I have been telling Beth for the last several months that when we do finally give him the car, it will be time for us to get a truck. I’ve been doing all kinds of construction projects here in CA, up in WA, and in Michigan out of the back of the car, which has been difficult. If I’m going to keep doing work for people (which I am happy to do) then it will be good to have a truck. 

Beth has been wanting to get a minivan for a while also. If I can confess, honestly I’ve always been the one holding out because I didn’t want to drive a van around. But it is much more practical for us than what we have. 

So we are going to sell our car to make way for a minivan and a truck.

Please pray for our car to sell quickly as we are going to list it by the end of the month. 

Also, please pray over each of the following wonderful young people. They are sacrificing a lot to be here and are looking to gain a Godly vision for their lives. All of them are willing to go wherever God tells them to go. 

We feel a tremendous weight of responsibility as we pray with them, walk with them, learn with them, encourage them, build them up, and release them into the nations to serve the King of Kings. 

Pray that God would give us wisdom in leading them. And pray for them to receive all that He speaks to them. 

Thank you so much for your wonderful precious prayers and your ongoing partnership with us as together we train up and send laborers into the harvest fields. We couldn’t be here without you sending us. May the Lord richly bless you. 

With all our love and blessings, 

Billy, Beth, and Family