The Value of a Life

Have you ever saved someone’s life?
A number of years ago, when I was still a teenager, I spent a summer with relatives in Kalispell, Montana. One day a bunch of us went for a swim at a place called Foy’s Lake.
All the guys were out about 60′ from shore. As I was swimming out, my uncle was on his way back and asked me to swim in with him.
Within a few seconds, I heard him gasp for help as he was gulping down water. I turned around to see his limp body sinking lifelessly into the water.
I screamed for help to the other guys and dove down to get him. He was twice my size, but I managed to grip him around the armpits and force him up, while forcing myself deeper. I went up for air, and when I came back down, I used my body weight again to force him to the surface. He was so exhausted, he was like dead weight.
The other guys thought we were joking around and didn’t come for a while. I don’t know how long we kept bobbing up and down like that before help arrived. We helped him get to shore and it took a long while for him to be fully resuscitated, but slowly he regained his strength and composure. It was pretty scary.
But for the next few days, grandma hailed me as a hero.
I gotta admit, it felt pretty good. I was just a teenage kid who did what anybody else would do, but it was a pretty good feeling that I was able to do something that really mattered.

Without taking anything away from the value of my uncle’s life, I have to say that words fail me to express how much more exciting and fulfilling it is to lead another person to the Savior of our souls.
When someone’s physical life is saved, they are given a few more years to live here on earth, but when you lead another person to the salvation found in Jesus Christ, they are given an eternal, vibrant life and an inheritance that will never fade away.
They receive complete restoration and reconciliation with God, and all of heaven rejoices as they are spiritually born into His family. It’s absolutely incomparable to anything else you can ever do.
James 5:20 says, “Let him know that he who turns a sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.”
Think about that for a second, and then ask yourself, What is the highest calling in life for the Christian who wants to make an impact for God?
It’s no surprise when we read verses like Proverbs 11:30 “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who wins souls is wise.”
Daniel 12 gives us a glimpse as to what sorts of rewards God has in store for those who take up this highest of callings; “And those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the firmament, and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever.”
Wow! God must really love it when we bring people to Him.

How are you impacting your world for Jesus Christ? Are people being pointed to the Savior through your witness?
There’s a whole world out there that desperately needs the forgiveness you have found.
Get to it!