Fruit of Obedience

Maybe you know the story…

It was 1855. Edward Kimball was a Sunday school teacher. Concerned about one of his Sunday school students. Kimball took action.

Kimball visited Dwight at the shoe store where Dwight worked and urged him to commit his life to Jesus.

Dwight L. Moody said yes and became one of the greatest evangelists. A young man named Fredrick Myers heard Moody was preaching in the British Isles. Myers took up declaring the gospel of Jesus.

One evening in Northfield, MA, a man named Wilbur Chapman heard Myers and surrendered.

Chapman joined Moody’s ministry and was discipled by Moody. When Moody stopped traveling, Chapman took his place preaching the gospel across America.

Billy Sunday was a famous baseball player. Upon hearing Chapman speak he left his baseball career to become an evangelist.

Billy Sunday had many evangelistic meetings. Sunday also started groups to encourage young preachers in the sharing of the Gospel. Mordecai Ham was a part of this group, which caused him to be in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1934.

Mordecai visited Charlotte in 1934, the hometown of a teenager by the name of Billy Frank Graham. Graham went to the meetings. After a few nights Jesus overwhelmed his heart and Graham gave his life to Jesus.

Billy Graham went on to preach the gospel to 2.2 billion people.

Maybe you aren’t a Billy Graham preaching to billions . . . but I bet you can be a Edward Kimball and chase down one Sunday school kid to tell them about the love and beauty of Jesus.

You will never know the fruit of your simple acts of obedience over the course of a 100 years.

Now, go and love one person well today. 🙂