State Fair Evangelism

The Central Washington State Fair kicked off on Saturday the 26th, and we were on hand to make the most out of the opportunity.
A great couple and I headed down to Yakima to share the gospel with as many peopel as we could. We wanted to keep kind of a low profile, so we wouldn’t get kicked out, because we are taking another team down to the fair this coming weekend.
So we started out slow, by walking the grounds once to get a feel for the place. then we split up and began our evangelism. After about an hour, I met up with Dan and Kay, who told me they had been confronted almost immediately by the crowd management services and were told to stop handing out tracts. At least they hadn’t been given the boot! This kind of confrontation would ordinarily put a lid on the whole day, if an evangelist were all alone, but together, we resolved not to be silenced! So we decided we would just lay low with the tracts and just do a lot of one-on-one witnessing.
Things went really well, and we each got to share the gospel with a lot of people. We met up at the exit, and waxed bold just before we were leaving. We began to aggressively hand out as many tracts as we could to the passers-by and gave out a few hundred without the police or the CMS approaching us even once.
Its always great to enjoy great fellowship with like-minded people, and to draw from each others’ strength when the winds of persecution blow. It was a real blessing to meet Dan and Kay, and we are looking forward to bringing an even bigger team this weekend!

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