DTS Update

The first 12 weeks of the DTS phase are behind us. No more classrooms, no more lectures. 20 of the students have left for outreach and are already split up between Mexico City and Nepal. But Beth and I are staying here in Tijuana with the kids to complete our outreach phase. This is because there are plenty of ministries available here for us to do as a family.

Another couple with four kids from the Chico, CA base has joined us for the outreach phase. Also, our Dutch friends Erno and Heidi are completing their outreach locally as well. So, we have a TJ team of 6 adults and 9 kids.

Now that we have completed the first week, we are looking forward to the rest of this phase. Some of the ministry is really fun and exciting, while others are a bit more challenging.

For example, working with orphanages and Circulo kids is always a blast. Doing Bible studies with women is going to be great for Beth, Heidi and Betsy. Street evangelism every Saturday is right in my wheelhouse. We are fired up for all of that.

But, working in the handicapped orphanage is tough. It’s great, but its hard on the heart. There’s not a lot you can do but just hang out with them and give them whatever joy for the moment, and know that 5 minutes after you leave, they probably will forget all about it.

Another example is the place we were at today, Zona Norte, one of the hardest areas of Tijuana. We plan to be working on the streets here three days per week. This is no place for kids. And I’m thinking it may be a men-only ministry. This place is very dangerous. But we are working with local pastors who have a street church that meets every day. We will be preaching in the street and doing some men’s discipleship for new believers, but we are really playing more of a supporting role for the pastors who have been doing this for a long time, and will continue to be working here long after we are gone.

I have been in some rough places in my life. But I was really shocked by some things I saw today. Believe me, if I told you, you would wish that I hadn’t.


I’m very excited to be holding an evangelism conference at Calvary Chapel Rosarito next Saturday. It’s a church of about 1200 people. I met the pastor for lunch about a month ago, and we talked about holding a conference to inspire and equip his church with some evangelism tools. So, they are advertising the conference and I believe we will have a couple of other churches on board to join us. Afterwards, we will go out and model the principles for them to see firsthand how easy it is to share their faith.


Some prayer requests right now for us would be: First of all for guidance as we mold our outreach schedule. We want to be effective, but we want to do so with as much involvement with our children as possible. Secondly, for peace, confidence and boldness as we bring the gospel to the Mexican people. Thirdly, for good planning for the transition from Tijuana to Tri Cities to Honolulu. September is going to be a crazy month as we move from this base to the other, while trying to visit family and our prayer and financial partners in between. Coordinating with the schools in Honolulu is another area of concern.

Thanks so much for your prayers. We value your support more than words can express. Through them, God has been doing some great things here in Mexico. As students, I really didn’t expect to see a lot of fruit in these first 5 months, but God has been using us here even during the DTS phase. I’m really looking forward to keeping you updated on what goes on during the next couple of months.

If you are on facebook, you can find us at Kyllonen Family Mission. You’ll get a lot more updates, and see photos from day to day as well.

Be blessed friends!