India 2011

Hello friends,

Here we are in India and I am going to do what I can to update regularly on this blog. Our internet service is spotty, so you may receive more information on some days than others.
Here is the account from our first day…

Day 1

Wow, India is a place that will give you sensory overload. The sounds, the smells, the things you see, and even the food you eat are all totally different. Its fun to watch the reactions of the team as they experience India for the first time.

We arrived in Chennai on Tuesday night at about 11:45. As soon as we stepped off the plane, the heat and humidity stuck to our bodies. We all got through customs smoothly and our got our bags together before meeting Josh outside. We went to his home for a few hours before heading right back to the airport for our flight to Rajahmundry. Josh’s brother-in-law hooked us up by taking us straight through the long line to security, and even had our boarding passes pre-printed and got the medical packs checked for free along with our luggage.

We arrived in Rajahmundry at about 10:30 and got settled in to Kumar’s home. We are all staying in one room, but praise God for the air conditioner!

After getting our things in order, we headed out to our first crusade. On the way, Kumar received a phone call and received some bad news. There is a rich hindu man who lives nearby the area we are holding the crusades. He complained to the authorities that our PA system was too loud and tried to stop the meetings. He also is using his influence to frighten the people from coming to the crusades by threatening excommunication from the community. The police did not stop the meetings, but they made us turn down the volume. We expected a crowd into the thousands, but unfortunately because of this man’s threats, there were only about 400. But still, we were very anxious to preach the word of God and to share the love of Jesus Christ with them.

Bill Garrity shared a few words to kick things off, followed by Zach Smith. Then, Zach Lamberson gave an encouragement before I preached the main message. Many people responded to the altar call and everyone in the crowd stood to their feet when we prayed to receive Christ as Savior and Lord.

We returned to Kumar’s place rejoicing in what the Lord had done on our first night and took some much needed rest. I think the guys were more worn out from stressing over the driving habits than from our travels. Ha ha! Lots of white knuckles and near death experiences on the roads of India.

I have some pictures to share, but the internet is so slow it wont upload the images, but I will keep you posted as things develop here. Please pray for us, for the Indian people, and for a rich harvest! Pray for the man opposing us, and for those he has been frightening. Pray for our families back home who are anxiously waiting for us. Thank you brothers and sisters!

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