Team Spirit

I have a friend who is the most avid sports fan that I know. He fearlessly represents his team even in an unfriendly environment. He’s so bold, when he went to watch his hockey team in Canada, he took a 6′ American flag, and every time his team scored a goal, he vigorously waved it around while menacingly blowing his horn in the direction of the crowd.
I think a part of his reckless enthusiasm is due to the fact that he knows he has the right to do it and that it is illegal for anyone to hit him. All he has to do us call for security or the police to protect him.
One time in the States we had to be escorted from the arena because there was a mob of infuriated fans waiting to beat us up.
Another time, at the same arena, an angry fan literally tried to run us over in the parking lot, then threatened to get out of his car and fight. My friend pulled out his phone and dialed 911 and began shouting the guy’s license plate # to the operator. That made him disappear.
On one occasion, after his team scored to go-ahead goal, he began his typical horn blowing and bell ringing routine, smugly rubbing it in to an increasingly irritated crowd. Finally one guy couldn’t handle it anymore and unloaded a string of cuss words and physical threats. Immediately security was called over to diffuse the situation.
I would sit in amazement and laugh at the nerve this guy had.

I wish Christians would share the same enthusiasm and dedication when it comes to representing Jesus in the midst of this present world.
The Bible says we should be “in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom you shine as lights in the world.”
The trouble is, most of us are so concerned with getting along, not offending anyone, being seeker friendly, or just fitting in, that we don’t say or do much at all. We are paralyzed by our fear of how the world will react to our devotion to Jesus Christ.
Does that mean that it’s okay to be intentionally antagonistic or abrasive? Of course not! We don’t want to push away the very people we intend to reach.
But let us not be so over zealous in trying not to offend anyone that we swing the pendulum completely in the other direction and don’t do anything at all.

The enemy is throwing all sorts of messages at the world, trying to keep them from pursuing God. Won’t you take up the cause of Christ and try to influence them towards godliness? God has got your back, and believe me, He’s infinitely more to be trusted in than security or policemen.
Jesus said we are to be his witnesses. He said we are the salt of the earth. He also said we are the light of the world.
Get on your knees and ask for boldness, then go out and do it in the power of God!